Look at the Clouds

A hybrid between an essay film and a music video exploring nostalgia as created memories.

3' 22''

Archival Footage / Color, B&W
USA / 2021

Look at the Clouds

3' 22'' / Archival Footage / Color, B&W / USA / 2021

2022 — West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival — Official Selection


Look at The Clouds, a hybrid between a film essay and a music video made with found footage of family trips, public domain movies, science, and nuclear defense reels found on the internet, explores nostalgia as created memories.

A remembrance of what we haven't lived yet. A yearning for what we wouldn't live, perhaps. A desire to be a different "persona" living a strange familiarity. But how can we be others if what we think is what we are? What If we can be others? Wouldn't that erase what we think now? If we can be others, isn't nostalgia a memory of who we were during that second when we wanted to be a new us?




About the sound:

The original song was composed and performed by Venezuelan guitarist and composer Juan Ernesto Velásquez. His music has roots in Latin America yet contains a blend of Spanish and Gipsy guitars, Popular Music, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Jazz, and World Music influences, resulting in experimental instrumental compositions.

Sound available on:
Spotify & Bandcamp


A film by B. Royer
Music by Juan Ernesto Velásquez
Mixed & Mastered by
Pedro Chacón Requena
Research & Production by
B. Royer

The present film is an experimental work of art exploring the power of meaning in images with no commercial intention.