A Minute from a Dream

It is said that life goes in the blink of an eye —an experimental take on expectations and deceptions.

4' 53''

Archival Footage / Color, B&W
USA / 2021

A Minute from a Dream

4' 53'' / Color, B&W / Archival Footage / USA / 2021


It is said that life goes in the blink of an eye. Triumphs, glories, sorrows, and regrets tie up like siamese twins in endless ballroom dance. And yet, life is that precious little moment of our dreamlike state. With its ups and downs, life works when we wake up, still asleep, lethargic, and not quite into reality. Between its opening act and the final credits, life is made of what we don't choose more than our decisions. A Minute from a Dream is an experimental visual essay built upon found footage and old corporate reels, exploring societal dreams of romance — that drowsy elixir that fools reason and collective cliches around love, betrayal, forgotten promises, and broken hearts. What does it mean to dream about our life? Are our dreams a form of liberation, or are they deceptive devices keeping us from our true selves? To live is to dream.



About the sound:

The original song was composed and performed by Venezuelan guitarist and composer Juan Ernesto Velásquez. His music has roots in Latin America yet contains a blend of Spanish and Gipsy guitars, Popular Music, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Jazz, and World Music influences, resulting in experimental instrumental compositions.

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A film by B. Royer
Music by Juan Ernesto Velásquez
Mixed & Mastered by
Pedro Chacón Requena

Research & Production by
B. Royer

The present film is an experimental work of art exploring the power of meaning in images with no commercial intention.