Red Suit, Autumn Breeze

Experimental film essay exploring the act of walking as a conscious detachment from post-capitalist fast-paced demands. 

5' 14''

Archival Footage / Color, B&W
USA / 2021

Red Suit, Autumn Breeze

5' 14''/ Color, B&W / Archival Footage / USA / 2021


Red Suit, Autumn Breeze is an experimental film essay built upon archival footage of home movies, corporate, and nature reels. It explores walking as a medium to embrace reality as a present moment beyond social conceptions — a conscious detachment from post-capitalist fast-paced demands. Blurring the lines where the outer world and our skin meet, Red Suit roams trance-like.

About the sound:

The original theme was composed and performed by Venezuelan guitarist and composer Juan Ernesto Velásquez. His music has roots in Latin America yet contains a blend of Spanish and Gipsy guitars, Popular Music, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Jazz, and World Music influences, resulting in experimental instrumental compositions.

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A film by B. Royer

Music by Juan Ernesto Velásquez
Mixed & Mastered by Pedro Chacón Requena

The present film is an experimental work of art exploring the power of meaning in images with no commercial intention.