Postcards from Last Summer

A non-narrative fictional glittery and mischievous tableaux vivants of two young women on a dreamlike quest for self-discovery.

14' 45''

16mm / Color, B&W
USA / 2021

Postcards from Last Summer

14' 45'' / 16mm / USA / 2021 

2022 — Kinoskop Analog Experimental Film Festival — Belgrade — Special Mention
2022 — Madrid International Short Film Festival — Honorable Mention
2022 — Experimental Forum — Los Angeles — Honorable Mention
2021 — New Wave Short Film Festival — Munich — Best Actress Isadora Leiva
2021 — Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival — Best Short
2021 — New York Tri-State International Film Festival — Official Selection


When two young women on a summer trip face their sad memories, the carefree days turn into a dreamlike quest for self-discovery guided by an imaginary sorceress.


Emma and Lola are in their early twenties and already know one or two things about broken dreams. They embark on a summer trip with the idea of letting things go. But when sad memories get in the way of a simple escape to the tropical wilderness, it rapidly becomes a cathartic dreamlike self-discovery quest guided by an imaginary sorceress. In the presence of sadness, their bodies, goofy games, and wondering souls become a way to cleanse life's sour and bitter taste.

Made with expired film stock and amateur 16mm cameras, Postcards From Last Summer is a non-narrative experimental essay exploring time, sorrow, and tenderness.



About the Film Score:

Haunted. otherwordly and dreamy sounds flood the evocative work of Berlin-based Austrian composer, songwriter, and performer Ella Zwietnig (Manners McDade / Alliance for Women Film Composers) and her partner Florian Zwietnig (Mediengruppe Telekommander) blending art-pop sensibilities and contemporary electronic music to enhance the self-reflective nature of the film. 

Original Soundscore available on:

Spotify & Bandcamp


"Postcards from Last Summer —appears like a freewheeling tribute to Věra Chytilová's cult favorite Daisies written in a glittery language of music videos, fashion shoots, and meandering stream of consciousness. Bursting with saturated colors and sending off delightful retro vibes, it transforms the journey of two young women's self-discovery into a series of mischievous tableaux vivants. It depicts a lush, youthful image of a Floridian summer and Beauty and lures us into an encapsulated nostalgia mood track that evokes universal, bitter-sweet sentiments."

Kinoskop Analog Experimental Film Festival.—

Written by:
Adriana Lodolo
B. Royer


Isadora Leiva 
Julia Steiner

Narrated by:

Ella Zwietnig

Produced, Directed by:

B. Royer

Original Score by:

Ella Zwietnig 

Additional Music by:

Florian Zwietnig

Audio Engineering,

Recording, Mix:
Florian Zwietnig at
Oogum Boogum Studio
Berlin, Germany
Ochsendorf, Austria

Shot on:

Kodak Film 16mm 
Development, Scanning:
Colorlab, MD, USA
Production: Blackanimals
Shot on location:
Everglades National Park
Miami Beach.
Florida, USA.

Presented by
Non Square Film Works
Production by




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